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    Default Sill replacement or?

    am buying a house, 1948 model, lots of updates from professional contractors, city approved.
    On the disclosure, seller noted termite damage/sill replacement at time of her purchase (1988).
    Our termite guy found the other side of the house had old termite (not active) or moisture damage requiring replacement @$2500.
    Seller brought in another guy, recomended doing a cosmetic (attaching support to foundation and joists) but not sill replacement stating this was a "minimally invasive" repair.
    Homeowner feels risk of jacking up and replacing sill not worth the risk (cracked walls, etc.), the house has settled to a "comfortable" point, I am worried the next buyer might not be so understanding.
    Any feelings?
    And is there an insurance rider homeowner can add to cover potential damage if sill replacement is done?
    Thanks, I don't know what to do.

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    Default Re: Sill replacement or?

    On the disclosure, seller noted termite damage/sill replacement at time of her purchase (1988).
    Hmmm .... 20 years ago this was an issue and hadn't been addressed ... that problem wouldn't have gotten any better over time.

    If you are seriously interested in purchasing the home I recommend bringing in someone other than a termite guy .... perhaps a professional contractor or hire an engineer to provide a more definitve answer.

    The other thing may be to put aside the emotional attachment you might have toward the home and realize the homeowner probably realizes there are big dollar structural problems hoping to sell them to you.

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