am buying a house, 1948 model, lots of updates from professional contractors, city approved.
On the disclosure, seller noted termite damage/sill replacement at time of her purchase (1988).
Our termite guy found the other side of the house had old termite (not active) or moisture damage requiring replacement @$2500.
Seller brought in another guy, recomended doing a cosmetic (attaching support to foundation and joists) but not sill replacement stating this was a "minimally invasive" repair.
Homeowner feels risk of jacking up and replacing sill not worth the risk (cracked walls, etc.), the house has settled to a "comfortable" point, I am worried the next buyer might not be so understanding.
Any feelings?
And is there an insurance rider homeowner can add to cover potential damage if sill replacement is done?
Thanks, I don't know what to do.