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    Default vertical mount faucets

    We moved into a cottage built in 1940 and all the faucets are mounted on vertical surfaces - either the wall or sink. For our remodel, we want to stay with vertically mounted faucets. These faucets are incredible as they rarely need cleaning and I never have to scrub with a toothbrush as I did with horizontally mounted faucets. There should be a better selection of vertically mounted faucets available. Why aren't they more common? Is it a plumber conspiracy (because the horizontal mounts are easier to install)? They may install them, but we have to clean them.

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    it has to do with the fact that most plumbing comes up through the floor into the cabinet space instead of through the wall. this does make it easier for the plumber who installs your fixtures but it also creats less damage when you have a leak because it it more visable and not hidden in the wall. if you like the wall mounts you still can find them through your plumbing supplier though they may have to special order them as they are not as you know used very much anymore.

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    Default Re: vertical mount faucets

    Here's a supplier I used that has several wall mount faucets for kitchen, bath and tub.
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