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    Default load bearing wall?

    I have a 1959 house that has brick wall that separates two living spaces. You can walk all the way around the wall without any other wall being attached to it. I'd like to take down the wall and build a 3 foot high x 4 foot long book case with pillars that extend to the ceiling. Is this brick wall a load bearing wall, and if you aren't sure, who can I call on to check the wall out?

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    Default Re: load bearing wall?

    I would suggest you call a contractor, he should be able to tell if it's a bearing wall, what would need to be done to remove it, etc.
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    Default Re: load bearing wall?

    Yeah, call a contractor to be sure. It's impossible to tell w/o details. Depends on the architecture of the house, etc. Does it run right down the middle of the house where the pitch of the roof meets? Is there a wall running directly above it and support beams below it? If the answer to either of those is yes, it probably is load bearing. But 'no' answers don't mean it isn't... have someone take a look to be sure.
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