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    Default Hanging Floating Shelves In Plaster


    For all your handywomen/men, I have a question about hardware.

    I need to hang two shelves in my daughter's room. They are not the typical flat, one board with bracket support type shelves. They look more like pieces of ornate crown molding (if that makes sense). I guess they'd be called "floating shelves".

    I bought them on clearance and they did not come with any hardware to hang them with.

    On the back, there are two notches that look like they have a round opening that allows a nail or screw to be inserted and then slid up to secure.

    I am not sure what to use...nails or screws. Also, I will be hanging these on plaster walls.

    Has anyone done this before? I hope I made sense. If anyone can offer advice on how to hang and what hardware to use, I'd greatly appreicate it!


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    Default Re: Hanging Floating Shelves In Plaster

    Thanks, DB. Very helpful.

    Hope all's well in the Buckeye State (my former home!).

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