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    Default Corroded Light Sockets

    How do you prevent rust from forming in bathroom and outside light sockets, where they're exposed to high moisture?

    I remodeled the bathroom about 18 months ago and replace all the fixtures then. While replacing a bulb the other day, I found not only the sockets, but the bulbs too have a consideral amount of corrosion formed on them.

    Is there anyting that can be applied to the treads of the socket and or bulbs to prevent corriosion in these environments?

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    Default Re: Corroded Light Sockets

    You might look at a product called dielectric grease ... something I use for all automotive electrical , trailer wiring connector , light sockets , etc..
    This can be found at any automotive part suppliers or even Ace hardware.

    Now ... I'm not certain if it's NEC approved.

    Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Corroded Light Sockets

    Is adding an exhaust fan to reduce/remove the moisture an option for you?

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