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    Default Probably a stupid question.

    My fiancee is wanting to put wood planking as a type of second wood floor down so that we can put carpet on it. Why? Because he's afraid of them ripping up the wood floor that is down now, and putting new wood down. There is one soft spot due to water damage years ago, which is what they would need to fix, and mainly why i want the floor redone.

    Is there an alternative to putting wood on top of wood, just to carpet? Anything would help at this point. Can you also help as to why this is a bad idea? It just doesn't sound like a good plan to me, but he's convinced he's got it solved.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Probably a stupid question.

    Howdy if there is a soft spot it is a better repair to remove and repair this damaged part of the floor. Then the height( additional wood raises the floor above any ajdoining rooms) is not a problem for opening and closing doors and no trip over spot at the threshold of doors to other rooms.

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    Default Re: Probably a stupid question.

    I agree with Timothy Miller, and repairing the bad spot would not require the whole floor to be torn up.
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    Default Re: Probably a stupid question.

    Covering up a problem doesn't make it go away, in fact, it can get worse over time even if the leak has been repaired. It will also be cheaper to repair the damaged area rather than overlay the entire floor with new material.

    Repair the area and you'll never have that nagging worry in the back of your mind.
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