I have hypersensitivity pneumonitis,severe allergy to mold, mildew and rot, which is eating my lungs away, I only have 1/2 of both lungs left. Being first time homeowners we didn't know what to look for. We bought a house that the previous homeowner put wall paper on ceilings and walls in every room up stairs and down. They covered up water damage, cracks, and covered up everything that was wrong. The drainage for the upstairs tiolet has waste on the outside of the cast iron drainage system, I believe the drainage system needs to be cleaned out because sometimes when the toilet upstairs gets flushed you can feel the back up when using the downstairs toilet, not fun. All outside doors are dry rot, because of my condition I removed all carpeting and found the floors cut up and patched horribly, the main beams in the basement are mostly cracked there are some of those metal braces holding up the beams, every floor creaks so bad that you can hear when our cat walks across the floors. The water setup for the washingmachines are hooked up to the facet so you can't even use the sink and they drain into the sink, all that lint going down the drain. The pillers on the porches are also dry rotted the garage has nasty cracks here and there, windows need fixing there too. There are two chimmenys and one you can see is falling apart, on the inside of the house. We have managed to replace the roof which the roofer informed me that at sometime this house had a fire, this was not disclosed to us at the time of sale, which brings to mind the house needs electrical work as well. Up stairs the ceiling fan caught on fire, we have tried to replace the wiring and ceiling fan but I can't get in the crawl space to figure out what to do and my husband is not a handy man. I need lots of advice and help on the most afordable ways in which to fix this old house. The up stairs is an apartment which with all the repairs that need to be done upstairs as well as down has been empty for four years. We sure could use the income to help make more repairs. I thank anyone who can help us.