We recently bought a Victorian home built in 1910. We are just beginning to strip paint off woodwork, paint, repair plaster, and possibly expose a brick chimney in a extra bedroom.
The home has two chimneys, four fireplaces, currenly all unusable. They are in various states...two have nice tiling and beautiful wood mantles(but painted), one is completely covered over (only the hearth extension is visible), and in an extra bedroom the ugliest one has cracking grout and paint over the chimney, a cracked hearth extension, ugly tiling, and an original mantle with many layers of paint on it.
What are your thoughts on exposing the brick of the chimney and retiling the fireplace/ hearth extension in the extra bedroom. Will it be keeping with the 1910 victorian style of the house? What should we know about chimneys before going too far? Right now we are just interested in making the fireplace look nice...but in the future how difficult might it be to make the chimney functional??

Thanks for any advice!!