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    Please Help.
    I have four nice cabinets of various size and use in four different parts of my house and garage. They range from 30 to 60 years old. The inside of the cabinets all have the same strong unpleasant Oder. It's so bad we can't keep clothing in them because of the way it makes the clothes smell.
    I emptied them and aired them out for several days and the smell returned shortly after the doors were closed. I even tried sealing the inside of one of them using two coats of primer and a coat of enamel (all water based) and the smell remains.
    The only thing the cabinets have in common is they all seem to be made of plywood with differing veneers.
    Since this is happening to four old cabinets I'm wondering if it might be a common problem and if anyone has figured out how to eliminate the Oder.

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    It just so happens that two or three Martha Stewart Living Magazines ago, I read about a solution to this problem. She recommends wiping down the interior of the cabinet with vinegar and then placing a bowl of vinegar in the cabinet until the smell goes away. As weird as that sounds, I left on a mission trip leaving a bag of potatoes in my cabinet and came back to a horrific mess! (This was in August in Las Vegas! EEEK!) Martha's solution really worked for me so I'm hoping it will help you out as well! Best wishes!

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