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    Question Gutter Downspout Spacing

    What Is The Rule Of Thumb On Downspout Spacing On A 53' Straight Run Of Roof?

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    It would depend on the amount of rainfall in your area and the ability to deal with the water once it's down at the ground. In my area, a 53' run could easily be handled by one downspout, however up in the northwest two would be better.
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    I'm no expert, not by a long shot - but I learned something very important when I had gutters put on by The Idiot Team.

    Be sure the downspout is big enough. They put a nice big downspout on the front, but in the back, for the same amount of roof space and gutter length, they put a smaller downspout. Couldn't handle the rain. They had to come back and fix that with the bigger one.

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