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    Default Need Front Yard Ideas

    Hi, we live in the Midwest and most people out here tend to use their backyard as recreational areas instead of their front yard. However our house faces northeast so in the evenings, in the backyard, the sun is always in our eyes.

    How can we use our front yard instead of our backyard without it looking tacky? We have like a 5x5' patio at our front door and a small sidewalk.

    What if we want to use some furniture and/or a fire pit in the front yard, where would we store 'things' when not in use (for easy access and not having to walk around to the back patio to grab stuff.)

    Any creative ideas/suggestions?


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    Default Re: Need Front Yard Ideas

    If you have the room, consider making a natural area with shubs, plants, etc that comes in from one side of your property which will section off a portion of the yard close to the house that will allow you to have an activety / sitting area. It doesn't have to come all the way across the width of your yard, only enough to give you the room you need. It will be "tucked" in a private area and won't be as visible from the curb. For additional privacy you may want to consider mounding the area for immediate addtional height.

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