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    Default pipe problem on clothes washer

    I have a friend who is having a problem with a humming and vibration from the pipes to her washer when turns it on.What could be the problem and how solve it.Someone told her is was because the pipes were old. Thanks

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    Default Re: pipe problem on clothes washer

    It could be that the pipes were not fastened to the studs when they were installed.

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    Default Re: pipe problem on clothes washer

    Is this problem only associated with the clothes washer, or with other devices as well (sinks, toilets, etc)? Also, does this occur with both hot and cold, or just one?

    Considering this problem occurs only with the washer, and with only one of the inlets (hot or cold) sounds to me like a bad solenoid valve on the washer. If the valve is worn out, or otherwise malfunctioning, it could be making this noise as the faulty diaphram in the valve vibrates. You can get parts for most major appliances fairly easily.

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