I'm fairly new to the TOH forums and so far have found them a source of excellent advice during my recent basement remodel.

When I needed tips on Earthquake Retrofitting, I got solid guidance. When a plumber made swiss cheese out of my joist – I got detailed technical advice on joist-boring codes and how to shore up the load. Finally, when I was utterly confused about Vapour Barriers – the TOH community cleared things right up.

So what does my experience have to do with Home Networking Software? Stay with me…

I'm so grateful to all the help that I want to give back!

I'm the CTO of a small software company in Seattle called Pure Networks. We make a home networking product that makes it really simple to network your PCs and Macs together. For example if you have a few PCs at home – you can use it to be able to print to the same printer from any PC. If you have a wireless network – it will help you secure it so that neighbours and free-loaders can't get on it.

It's called Network Magic.

I asked our marketing team if I could 'donate' ten free copies of Network Magic Pro (Retails at $49.99) to the TOH community and they agreed.

So if you are interested in a copy – they shoot me an email at tohoffer@networkmagic.com and I will send you a FREE product key.

Thanks again for all the help!