I need advice. We have recently returned to Oklahoma after 13 years away and have purchased a home here. The home is roughly 16 years old and my dilemma is over insulation in the attic. Given the increase focus on conserving energy, my wife and I feel the need to insulate the attic to help make our home more energy efficient. The issue is whether to go with traditional insulation or open cell foam insulation.
The open cell foam insulation representative informed us that once the rafter bays are sprayed they would then cover up the soffit vents and any other openings in the attic including an exhaust fan in the roof. That concept is very contradictory to the lessons that I have learned growing up in New Jersey. I even remember installing baffles in between the rafters before I added the traditional insulation insuring there was a way for air to circulate from the soffit vents to the ridge vents. So the concept they are recommending is counter to what I have grown up with.
Beside my desire to make our house more energy efficient Iím also concerned about the roof shingles. Since they were just replaced (Dec í07) as a condition of sale of the house I would not want to do anything that would damage our new roof.
Your advice/insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated.