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    Default Boston Pattern wood gutters

    Does anyone know where I can purchase wooden gutters - I'm looking for Boston Pattern 3x4 wood gutters. Anywhere in the US is fine.

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    Default Re: Boston Pattern wood gutters

    check out Botello lumber in Mashpee, Ma. They sell an azek gutter in the old wood style. I have been considering it for replacement of the wood gutters on my old house. If it must be wood, try Blue Ox Mills in california, they use redwood.



    Let me know how you make out if you go with the Azek, I am still a year out on my renovation.


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    Default Re: Boston Pattern wood gutters

    I'm interested in the Azek gutters also. I'm in SE Mass and have heard there may be problems with the Azek gutters but have not heard specifics. I'm guessing the problem maybe be cost and demand, but would like to heard if anyone has had experience with them. They sould like a great idea.

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