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    I am looking into getting a high efficiency furnace. I understand that the furnace can not be vented using the existing chimney. The outside of the wall that the furnace resides on, is underneath an enclosed porch.
    My question is, can the pipe used for venting the furnace run underneath the porch to the outside the wall of the enclosed porch? Or would this outside exposure of the vent pipe lead to condensation problems inside the vent pipe during cold weather?

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    Could you be more specific on the type of heating equipment you are considering---is this a forced air furnace or a boiler system.

    The issues contained in your question are dependent on the local codes in your town (city building inspector).

    The installer you contacted should be aware of the different regulations & THE OTHER VENTING OPTIONS.

    I would suggest you get several more quotes from other installers---while many chimneys are not suitable for a vent, it is common to run a stainless steel coil thru the chimney to still use the chimney.

    Venting out the side of the building, especially at a low point is to be avoided as it creates exhaust odors at ground level & wafts into open windows.

    If the vent can't be fed thru the chimney or thru a new hole in the roof, it should be placed as high up on the building as possible.
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