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Thread: shower inserts

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    Talking shower inserts

    my shower fitter has a crack in it and pieces of bricklike material with black stuff is falling from behind the insert, the wall is soggy on ends of tub, i was ONLY trying to paint my bathroom when i was advised not to until i find out where the moisture is coming from do i need to take out the entire insert and replace the wall or whatever is behind it? im a new homeowner for three years and i cant just call "the landlord" anymore, hunh? this is just ONE of my many questions, first i will see how this one goes
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    Default Re: shower inserts

    From the sounds of it, moisture from the tub/shower has gotten behind the surround and deteriorated the wall.

    I can't tell from your description what kind of surround you've got to offer an opinion as to how to proceed. Generally, tearing out a shower surround is not a DIY friendly project unless you're a pretty experienced DIY'r.
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