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    Default Vinyl Window Trim Hail Damage


    We recently were hit with some 3 inch hail, that not only broke glass, but also knocked a few holes in the vinyl trim of otherwise undamaged windows. Is there any reasonable way to repair the trim (we've been told to replace the entire window, and naturally this is a large window with a curved top)? I believe the window manufacturer is Weather Shield.

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    Default Re: Vinyl Window Trim Hail Damage

    I Googled “vinyl trim repair” and found a place in Canada so it must be possible. I’m not familiar with it, though.

    Can you remove and replace the vinyl trim or is it integrated into the window unit itself?

    I think you best bet is to call the window manufacturer and see what they say.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Vinyl Window Trim Hail Damage


    I did check with the MFG, and they said to replace it. Apparently repairing windows with the integrated vinyl trim is problematic (color match and possible follow-on leakage. The next step is to see if insurance will cover it.

    Thanks for closing the loop.

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