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    Question Lap Marks in Shellac

    Hello there! I am in the process of refinishing my hardwood floors. I am using dewaxed shellac as a sanding sealer (over heart pine). My problem? I have a few lap marks from applying the shellac. They are proving difficult to remove by sanding alone...any tips? I'd be very grateful for any help or ideas you may have.

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    Default Re: Lap Marks in Shellac

    Thin out a bit of shellac with denatured alcohol and liberally brush into the "lapped" area. This mixture will dissolve the shellac that is there and allow the mixture to blend. How smoothly will depend on your brush technique. Shellac sets up quickly as you probably already know, so excess brushing will only leave more marks.
    The good news with shellac is that that you can repeat the process if you are still not happy with how smooth it is. The more coats, the more denatured alcohol should be used. It would probably be a good idea to ventilate the area. Have fun!

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