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    Default oil to gas conversion

    I am looking into cost comparisons,(oil v gas). In my humble opinion the price of oil will continue to rise, level at a point that will be more ridiculous than it is now. That said, I am wondering with this conversion will the furnace simply hook up to the existing, less than 4 year old, big dollar high efficiency, 4 zone plumbing. I am HOPING your answer is a resounding......YUP

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    Default Re: oil to gas conversion


    Yes, they do have power gas burners by Wayne mfg. & others that can replace the oil-fired burner.

    From your post, I'm not sure if you have a furnace (heats hot air) or a boiler (heats hot water), but call several oil service or gas service techs to see if they can make the change to your particular system---also ask them if you will lose any fuel-burning efficiency if you make the switch.

    Oil service dealers are also licensed to install gas-fired equipment.

    Beforehand, you should also do a fuel price comparison (below) to compare the cost of a gallon of oil & a therm of natural gas to make sure that gas will cost you less money if you convert---you will have to call your local gas co. to get the price of a therm, then plug in the numbers at the FCC site.

    Oil & gas heating prices are absolutely absurd these days---I think something should be done to help the homeowners heat their homes, even if it's a 2-tier price structure to give a break to the homeowner.
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