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    Question please help

    HI everyone.
    Im building a home and im getting ready to hang drywall on the ceiling..Ive already st****d it.but I still notice some ups and down in my floor joist..Will this be noticeable after complete or what can i do for a fix

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    Possibly the "dips" are from some crowns are up and others down.
    Basically stretch a tight string line .... you might want to use shims under the strapping to level things out before the drywall goes up.
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    Crowning (bending of the joist along the wide edge) is common in dimensional lumber joists. Joists are normally placed crown up, so the lowest part of the joist is at the ends and that evens things out a bit. Of-course, there are no perfect joists if they're from dimensional lumber; that's why composite T-Joists are so popular these days.

    Traditionally, drywall shims are used to fill the gaps and level the ceiling. These are 36" long, 1-1/2" wide and, fairly, 1/16" thick pieces of cardboard. A string is drawn perpendicularly along the bottoms of joists to find common and a "Hammer Tacker" is used to staple them into place. The person applying them generally just rips them to the lengths required and staples them in place and drywall process begins. They just fill gaps and even the ceiling.
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