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    Default Adding New Interior Walls to an Existing Loft

    Our loft has wall to wall carpeting which we will replace with new carpeting after the remodel. Our builder said they can build the new interior walls on top of the old carpeting. Is this a good idea or should we pull out the old carpet before the remodeling begins?

    Thank you, in advance, for your suggestions!

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    Default Re: Adding New Interior Walls to an Existing Loft

    YES, pull out or pull back the carpet before framing.This is the proper way. You can even just cut it back for now if you want to leave the old carpet as you remodel. You want the new walls nailed directly to the subfloor, no carpet under it. It may be OK to do it that way but I wouldnt suggest it. Hope this helps. GregC
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    Default Re: Adding New Interior Walls to an Existing Loft

    I agree with Greg, not a good idea to build over the top of carpet. If you're planning on saving the carpet, then cut it down the center line of where the wall will be and roll it back out of the way while the wall is being built and finished. Once it's completed, the carpet can be rolled back into place and stretched.
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