I am a new apartment owner and many of my buildings have different setups. I have actually chosen electric vs. indirect on one building because it allowed the tenants to pay their own HW (ie. one oil furnance but two elec. hw heaters each going to the tenant's elec. panel) -- now on another building, (7 unit apart. bldg) we just had a oil fired hw heater go...i agonized and agonized and ended up going with TWO elec. hw heaters vs. adding a boilermate to our brand new pensottie direct vent oil furnace. Did I make a mistake do you think? My logic was that it was a little cheapr for the elec. but it ended up NOT. We needed two, there were tons of upgrades that needed to be done electrically, etc. and it ended up being 2,400 vs. probably 1,300-1,500 for indirect.

My thought was "diversification" -- by having elec. HW and oil furnace, I'm splitting my eggs ... if elec. gets outrageous at least my heat is oil, and vice versa. I guess what I really need to find out is "how much does it cost to heat x gallons of water with elec. vs. oil based on knowable factors such as cost/kwhr and cost/gall

thanks for any answers to my rambling!!