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    Default how do I repair and paint lime ceilings?

    We have lime ceilings that will not hold paint! They are not in bad shape just one area with small crack and stain. Paint just won't bond. What materials will hold. We are selling and need a remedy! Please help.

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    Default Re: how do I repair and paint lime ceilings?

    To achieve the highest quality finished surface, plaster should be properly sealed before painting. Plaster surfaces are alkaline with pH 7-13+, so the plaster sealant and paint must be alkali-resistant. Vinyl acrylic latex or alkyd primer-sealers are recommended. A penetrating primer/sealer is required to adequately enhance and fortify the plaster surface. Use only alkali-resistant epoxy-based finish over lime. You might check with the paint/sealant manufacturer to be sure the product is alkali resistant before using it just to make sure. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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