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    Question sewer pump and sump pump are one in the same

    I bought a home last year that is a raised rancher. The previous owner added a bath in the lower level and put the sewer pump in the sump pump hole. The sewer pump/sump pump now pumps both sewerage and drain tile water to a public owned pump in the yard that carries it to a holding tank which in turn, pumps it the a sewerage treatment plant. During bad weather, we loose our electricity, while I can add a battery back up to the sewer/sump pump in the lower level, it has no where to go because the sewer pump in the yard will be inoperable. What do I need to do to rectify this problem?

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    Default Re: sewer pump and sump pump are one in the same

    here is an alternative - a water powered pump of course if you have w well that losses power it won't work either but if you have city water this may work.
    if there is a way to eleminate the pumps all together that would be best but I'm sure the drainage plane is a problem in your situation.

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