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    Default Glass Block for Basement Windows

    I'd like to get rid of my standard wood framed basement windows and replace them with glass block. First is reduced maintenance (one cooks all day and the other is in the shade) and second is increased security.

    I can do the prefab units from the home center, or build my own. What is the preferred method, and more importantly, I'm coming up dry on the installation steps.

    Any assistance or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Glass Block for Basement Windows

    I've got 8 metal framed basement windows that are on their last legs (actually one fell out the other day)and I want to go back in with glass block.

    I found some pretty thorough step-by-step instructions at www.pittsburghcorning.com. They look pretty good although I'd love to see a video or something before I try it. My biggest question is how to prep the existing opening.

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    Default Re: Glass Block for Basement Windows

    I actually embarked on this project, replacing an old, cracked basement window with a glass block unit.

    I bought a Pittsburgh-Corning window through Home Depot. It is approx 3 blocks high and 6 blocks wide, with a center screened vent.

    I wanted a window that offered better security, insulation, and ventilation than my old window.

    The new window has delivered on these specifications.

    Installing the new window requires a lot of elbow grease. Essentially you rip out the old window and frame. You may need to add some wooden trim/shims to make the new window fit into the rough opening. You also will use mortar to set the new window in place.

    It is not a job that requires any real technical skill, just a fair amount of manual effort.

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