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    Unhappy Nails coming out of Drywall

    I'm having a problem with the nails coming out of the drywall in my ceilings and walls. What's the best way to fix this. I have tried hammering the nails back in and applying spackle but they keep coming back out. HELP!!!

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    Default Re: Nails coming out of Drywall

    You should pull them out and replace them with drywall screws. Make sure the heads are recessed but try not to tear the paper. Them respackle.

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    Default Re: Nails coming out of drywall

    Your problem is probably caused by 1 of 2 things...

    1) The nails are too short. (Drywall nails should penetrate wood studs by at least 1")

    2) they were cheap nails. (Drywall nails should either be barbed or have a glue coating or both)

    Driving the nails back into the same holes will not work, as you have discovered. Trying to remove a ceiling full of popped nails is a chore, and would probably do considerable damage to the ceiling. The proper remedy is to "cap" the nails with another nail of the proper length. Drive a new nail next to the offending nail, making sure that the new nail's head overlaps the old one, holding it in place.


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