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    Unhappy concrete slab makes floor uneven - should we worry?


    We're looking into purchasing a 1-story house in Northern California that was built on a concrete slab foundation. There's a lot of sloping of the floor, especially in the kitchen and family room. Some walls have minor cracks on them (going up the entire wall) but it seems to be only in the drywall (from what we can see).

    One person says that because of the sloping and the cracks, the foundation may be slipping. Someone ELSE says that this is normal for the area and pretty much all the houses are on concrete slab and they slope, so it's not a big deal.

    Who's right? Is this something we don't need to worry about (i.e., the house isn't going to eventually collapse)? And if so, is it easy to fix the sloping? Or is this a huge problem and we should stay away?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Default Re: concrete slab makes floor uneven - should we worry?

    we should stay away?
    That would probably be a good idea.

    The concrete slab is also the foundation .... if it's sloping then there is something wrong.

    Drywall cracks indicate structure movement.... who knows how many times they have been covered over before the ones you see.

    Get a professional opinion if you are set on this particular place ... it could save you thousands.

    If this place is at a bargin price then all the money you are going to put into it will eat away any bargin you may have had.

    Try finding one that doesn't slope or at least not as much .... you'll probably have more money to do the remodeling you want to instead of having to.

    Just 2 cents worth.
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    Default Re: concrete slab makes floor uneven - should we worry?

    yes sloping is a big deal. Either there is a problem or a problem wasn't fixed properly. I live in a house with an few humps in the slab foundation. Hump can be problematic because tile will crack when laid over them.

    I would suggest you pass on this house. We didn't worry about our house because we had paperwork about the piers/jacks installed when the foundation started failing after a couple of floods.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: concrete slab makes floor uneven - should we worry?

    Don't walk , RUN away from this one . A crack in a slab is one thing , sloping and uneven is BAD . REAL bad . I don't care if somebody said that it's normal , it's a boatload of trouble coming your way down the road if you go through with it .

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    Default Re: concrete slab makes floor uneven - should we worry?

    concrete slab makes floor uneven - should we worry?

    Yes, you should worry when you see something like that.
    Then run away from that house.
    Then stop worrying, keep looking.

    Something rather dire made the foundation sink, crack the walls, and theres nothing but teardrops and checkbooks in a case like that.

    If you doubt everyone here or feel you must absolutely have that house, get a structural engineer out, and maybe a geologic spe******t to determine what is moving that is causing the foundation to sink.
    Listen very closely to everything they say. Pay their bill, and then run away. You'll save money by running first. Don't look back, don't regret it.

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