Please give me ideas how to fix my parents deck. A man was paid to stain the deck and "painted" it with stain. What a mess. The stain has pooled in several places, overall coloring is blotchy, some areas very dark and some barely covered. We supplied Olympic Cedartone stain (love the stain, he just didn't use it right!) and the deck is entirely cedar, about 3 years old. We cleaned the deck well before he started. Now we just aren't sure where to start to fix it. Should we sand to remove the thick blotchy areas or use some kind of product to remove the stain - just don't know where to start and don't want to ruin the wood or make it any worse, couldn't look much worse. No luck talking to the guy who did it, unfortunately he was paid before the deck was inspected so now he has his money and isn't concerned about the quality of the work so we didn't know where else to turn. Look forward to ideas, tips, advise. Thanks.