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    Default Door framing next to full dimensional lumber

    Hello, I'm at the beginning of installing a new back door (french double). Our house is old and the studs are full dimensioned rough cut lumber. Is there a trick I should know about when adding new lumber next to the old? I figure it will need to be positioned flush with the exterior since the new door has the molding pre-attached. Just wondering if there is a common fix for this gap?


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    Default Re: Door framing next to full dimensional lumber

    While asc2078's answer was correct, it didn't answer your question regarding the framing.

    There are 2 ways to do this...

    Rip new studs out of 2 x 6's to match the dimension of your old 2 x 4's, or use regular 2 x 4's and add firring strips to match the old 2 x 4's.
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