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    Default Leaking Pvc Fittings

    I Have A 10 Yr Old House With Pvc Waste Water Plumbing.
    I Noticed A Leak.
    I Can See It's Not The Wax Ring And The Bottom Of The Floor From The Basement Is Dry
    I'm Speculating The Plumbers Dry Fitted A Fitting And Forgot To Cememt It.
    It Is Not Feasable To Take The Fittings Apart.
    Is Epoxy A Suitable Solution?

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    Default Re: Leaking Pvc Fittings

    Since you cannot take apart the fittings you will need to do what I call "lip seal" Get Rain-or-Shine pve glue (it will be blue in color if made by Oatey), pour a couple gallons of nice hot water down the closet lange (the toilet is off the flange). The reason for the hot water is to flush the line because you are going to stick your hand in the 3" or 4" pipe with the glue dauber and glue and glue and glue where the pipe and fitting comes together. Wait until dry and then do it again. To speed up the process you can use a hair dyrer to help "blow" on the glue to dry. But, with Rain-or-Shine I usally wait 10 minutes. Process of elimanation. Good luck.

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