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    Default Safe Electricity for DIY'ers

    Hello friends, most people don't realize that about 500 people a year(mostly children) are accidentally electrocuted each year in the United States alone. Most of these lives could have been spared by the use of a simple product I have invented and patented. I was watching your show this morning and saw a product that one of your viewers was asking "should they invest there life savings to develop? Well, I have invested mine (and then some) to produce this life saving product. And I am looking for a manufacturing partner! you can watch a 4 minute video on utube LineLock by safetech that could save your life. My name is Jeff Gentle I live in Phoenix, AZ and my contact info: 602-541-1375 or jeffgentle @ gmail Thank you for your consideration, Adios~

    Go to: on the more tab click videos then type LineLock by safe tech
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    The link is broken!

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    Default Re: Safe Electricity for DIY'ers

    Video looks interesting, with some rather misleading scenes. However it doesn't give any tech info and appears to be little more than a portable GFCI.
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