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    Default Safely insulating HW pipes near boiler

    I used polyethylene foam to insulate HW heating pipes more than 6 ft from the boiler, but I'm hesitent to use it right near the boiler because it may be a fire hazard. Fiberglass looks like a pain the apply, and I'm not sure neopreme is an less of a fire hazard. What's the best material to use? The system has 6 zones plus an indirect DHW tank with it's own pump.

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    Default Re: Safely insulating HW pipes near boiler

    Fiberglass comes in handy lengths that are slipped on & clamped---I'll try to find a website & post back.

    Update: mfgrs are Knauf, Ultragard, LDC, and Armacell---some products avaialbel at a few Home Depot stores, otherwise, consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating-Parts" for plumbing/heating supply houses in your area.

    At the 1st site scroll down to "Pipe Insulation".
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