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    how do i test to see if my well pump has gone bad. i have power to the presure switch. (the switch is brand new) the well pump will not kick on. i have a swallow well. pump is in the water.


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    You need to remove the pump from the casing and perform a comtinuity test on the wires delivering the power to the pump. If they are goold then the pump is bad. or there is a problem inside the pump that has locked it up or burned it up. I suggest gatting a well tech to do this work unless you have prior experience because ther may be other issue that may need to be dealt with while the pump is out.

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    you have to test with a multi-meter to see if you are getting the needed electricity going to the pump. If you have the electic and you have the water, then you know it is the pump that needs to be replaced. With the pressure switch (take off the little black cover) press it down with an insulated srewdriver (the flat conntactor plate) to see if it can be kicked on manually. Good lick. Process of elimanation.

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