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    Default Replacement of cast iron drain pipes

    I have an older home that had original cast iron drain pipes underneath my home in a crawlspace. I recently paid a plumbing company $4000 to replace all these pipes with pvc. My question is, it's only been about 6 weeks and now all of a sudden my bathtub and bathroom sink is clogged and drains very slow. (which is one problem I had before and why I had the pipes replaced)..I called the plumber and was told it was not the work they did, that it was a secondary drain pipe coming from the bathrub? What??? As far as I knew, they were to be replacing ALL my drain pipes. Is this true? Could there be other drains that would not have been included in the job? I spent ALOT of money on this and I'm not happy! My house is only 110 square feet, so I paid very good for this job. Thanks for any info.
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    Default Re: Replacement of cast iron drain pipes

    Have you gone underneath your house and looked at what the plumbers did or did not do?

    Simple, I know, but effective.

    And there is the overflow drain in your bathtub that connects the the heel elbow on the bottom drain of the bath tub. This pipe then goes to the drain system. I bet this wasn't replaced. Also, is there a cleanout outside your house? Look in and see the water flow from your house to the sewer main. And also the sink has part of the drain in the wall and then goes to the vent up through the roof. That also probably wasn't change either.

    Also, check your vent on the roof penetrations. You should be able to take your garden hose and the water would then flow into the drain pipes.

    Process of elimanation. Good luck.

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