We are having a problem with our upstairs master bathroom toilet. The house is new construction, built in 2004. We are the first owners. Recently, the toilet makes odd sounds at odd times. It "runs" a lot during all times of the day, kind of a constant, low trickling sound. But, often we will be downstairs and we hear a loud sound, almost like the toilet flushing. People that come to the house have noticed it also. In fact, my father-in-law, who slept in our master bedroom during a recent visit, was so annoyed by the sound & a sleepless night that he took it upon himself the next day to fix it. He replaced the rubber seal thing. (We have the floating ball type system.) Unfortunately, it still does it. In fact, it almost seems like it does it more now. I noticed that my water bill has gone up by $20 each month, too. We joke that we have a ghost that uses the toilet, and apparently also has a gastrointestinal problem given the frequency the toilet "flushes." But in all seriousness I am sure it's not a ghost and I suspect it may be an easily fixed problem that I just don't know how to fix. What else should we try? So, to sum up, there are 2 main problems--(1) the fact that it generally makes a running or trickling sound pretty much constantly, despite the change in the rubber stopper and alterations to the valve, and (2)that it "flushes" or makes a large sound of rushing water that can be heard downstairs several times a day. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help! (And, if you saw a previous post of mine, this is NOT the toilet that my son flushed the apple down.)