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    Default Help! Tile floor question ASAP!

    I came home from work tonight and saw that the guy who is putting down my new slate floor only screwed the cement board onto the old floor and did not also use the floor adhesive I had bought. Lowe's told me I am supposed to use both!!!!
    The slate tile has not yet been laid, only the cement board. Should I take up the cement board tonight and make him do it over tomorrow or should I assume he didn't think it needed the adhesive. He doesn't speak good english so I can't really have a conversation with him but I know from see other work that he has done that he does a good job.
    What should I do??? If anyone says he MUST use the floor adhesive I'll go down right now and start unscrewing the cement board!

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    Default Re: Help! Tile floor question ASAP!

    Ideally ..... Embed the cement board in latex-modified thin-set mortar.
    The main reason for using thin-set between the cement board and the subfloor isnt only for bonding ...... for even, void-free cement board support throughout the floor. Embed the cement board and screw it to the underlayment with special 1-1/4 in. cement board screws spaced every 4 in.

    This would be the method I would recommend for a good clean plywood subfloor.

    Hope this helps.
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