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    Lightbulb New tank or switch the burner to gas?

    Is it worth converting the burner on my furnace from oil to gas? Here is the situation:

    My 40 yr. old fuel oil tank is leaking and needs to be replaced. The estimate is $1600 - yikes. Plus, fuel oil is now $4.20/gal. It cost me $1233 to heat my house over the last year(404.9 gal @ an avrg. of $3.0449/gal). So, a simple projection will have me paying $1,700 next winter.

    My oil burning furnace(forced air) is only 4.5 yrs. old (Thermopride OL5-85RB). There is a conversion burner to Natural Gas (Wayne P250 costs less than $1000). I already use nat.gas for cooking and hot water, so I'm already paying deliver charges.

    My house is 1450 sq.ft, 153 yrs. old, has good replacement windows/doors, and I live North of Boston. What to do?

    Also, nat. gas is $1.27 per therm, is thier a calculation to compare it to the cost for oil? I got a little confused on the site.

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    Default Re: New tank or switch the burner to gas?

    Using the site below, it looks like you would do better with gas.

    There are no guarantees that the price of gas won't shoot up as well, or the Wayne gas burner will perform as efficiently as your oil unit, but from the figures you give, it's more than 2 to 1 in favor of gas.

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    Default Re: New tank or switch the burner to gas?

    natural gas in my area is going up 20 percent by september check your provider for your final decision

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