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    Question New floors needed

    We purchased our 1873 Victorian last year. It had its original floors, but they don'thave a sub floor and are very very soft. Our dog's nails have done considerable damage to it.

    Refinishing it is an option of course, but the same thing will probably happen again.

    The laminate flooring that I have looked at has a factory warrenty, but will they cover damage done by dog's nails? What will hold up the best? I'd like to go hardwood, but I'm worried that we will end up with just as much damage.



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    Default Re: New floors needed

    Much of the laminate flooring has the same cheap "wood grain" paper on it that pressed wood furniture does. Dog nails will ruin it in no time as will moisture if your mop is too wet when you clean the floors. If you want to use laminate, I would make certain this isn't the type you purchase. Personally, I would refinish the existing hardwood and seal it with a polycrylic product. This finish is far more scratch resistant than plain old polyurethane. It costs more, but in the long run will save dollars and tears.

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