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    Default Mahogany Countertop Refinish

    Can anyone provide any advice on refinishing mahogany counter tops? They are about 20 years old but we really like them and would like to restore them due to scratches and worn areas.

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    Default Re: Mahogany Countertop Refinish

    It depends on the finish that is on the counter-tops and whether the scratches are just in the finish or if they go through to the wood. If it is polyurethane on top and the scratches are just on the surface you can give it a light sanding and re-coat. If it was originally very shinny and thick an epoxy coating may have been used. If it is an oil finish or the scratches go into the wood you may need to do a little more sanding to get rid of the scratches. You can then re-oil or re-coat it with polyurethane. Best bet would be to test an inconspicuous area first of course.
    If you do do poly but don't want a really shinny finish but still want it to be a durable finish try this. Put on two coats of high gloss poly followed by the final coat of satin or semi-gloss. The high gloss poly is tougher than the others so you will have a strong base but the top coat will give you the shine you want. Hope this helps you out.


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