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Thread: flushing stool

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    Red face flushing stool

    I have a basement toilet that double flushes itself. When flushed, the water in the bowl goes all the way down, comes back up and then goes all the way down again before filling. I have changed the flapper, but it didn't work .... that's all I know to do. Any suggestions?
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    Does the sewer line the toilet sits on travel along the floor and out the basement at this level or does it run along the below the floor and out threw the basement wall. If your line leaving the house is higher than the line in the floor than you will probably need a pump. It sounds as if when you flash the first time there is not enough pressure and run to take it out of the house. Make sure that you have sufficient air behind this line connected to the toilet too. If not the system will be air locked and could create flush problems too.

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    the house was built with the basement bathroom, so the stool does drain down thru the concrete floor. It was fine until I had a shower put in and the drain was connected to the one that carries the sink water out. If it's locked up, how do I unlock it? Thanks for your help!

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