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    Red face Is Cdx Particle Board Safe For Interior Use?

    We are installing new hardwood flooring-Instead of using plywood, my husband is using exterior CDX particle board. It has a strong odor and I am afraid it may be toxic in the long run-If it's ok in a home that's fine-We just don't want to put the floor in and have to rip it up. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Is Cdx Particle Board Safe For Interior Use?

    CDX is plywood, are you sure he's not using OSB? Both can be and are commonly used under hardwood floors, however staples should be used to nail down the hardwood on OSB and nails is on plywood.

    CDX means the veneer on one side is rated "C" (defects plugged) , the other side rated "D" (defects not plugged). and exterior glue is used. Almost all plywood is made with exterior glue today. OSB means Oriented Strand Board.
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