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    Angry "stains" on glass shower enclosure

    We have two regularly used showers with glass doors. Some time ago, one door became marked with what looks like streaks from some sort of spray that had dried on the door. But absolutely nothing I've tried would take the marks off. The door feels perfectly smooth, and products like Tilex/bleach, Tilex/no bleach, Windex, etc., make no difference. Then, suddenly and recently, the shower I used has the same marks. I use different brands of shower spray on it regularly, so the glass rarely needs cleaning, but the tile on the other walls was recently cleaned with a bleach-containing product.

    Is there something in these products that could have marked the glass?

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    Default Re: "stains" on glass shower enclosure

    Yes it could be. I had a friend who had a clear glass shower door. The more his wife cleaned it the worse it became. I am unsure of the brand of shower cleaner he used. I am going to say Tilex. He contacted the manufacture of the cleaning brand he used. They acknowledged the problem and replaced his doors at no cost to him. The cleaner they use etches the glass.

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    Default Re: "stains" on glass shower enclosure

    I had a similar problem with a glass shower door. Some kind of film built up & was extremely hard to remove. I ended up using a safety razor, comet cleanser, a sponge & lots of elbow grease to get it off. I had the door outside and the wished I had a pressure washer to attack it.

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