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    Default Gap between asphalt drive and garage floor

    We had an aphalt drive installed nine years ago. But there is a gap between the driveway and the garage. The drive does rise an inch or two in winter due to frost heaves also. Would just trowling in asphalt patch to the gap be ok or should we use quikcrete?

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    Default Re: Gap between asphalt drive and garage floor

    Quote Originally Posted by jkirk View Post
    how big of a gap is there, roughly 1/4" is to be expected
    the gap is there as general construction practice. it is there to allow the driveway to move indepent of the garage floor. if the two were attached the garage floor or the ashpalt would crack as the frost heave comes into play,

    Ditto that.

    There is usually no need to fill this gap at all......and most anything one would put in there would succumb to the freeze/thaw differential anyway.

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