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    Default Converting wood-burning stove to traditional fireplace; install new mantel

    We have pulled out the wood-burning stove and removed the fake rock facade and now realize that: 1) the brick work on the interior of the fireplace needs work, 2) there's a metal casing going up the flu (necessary for the wood-burning stove but not a traditional fireplace) that is all one piece and needs to be removed, 3) we want to put granite on the face and hearth for more of a contemporary look and 4) install a new mantel we purchased which requires some carpentry work in order to mount it to the wall.

    We have been overwhelmed with this work and tried to hire a contractor. The one contractor who finally gave us a quote detailed they will not make the mantel fit. We need help and are frustrated; the house has been in shambles for months and our living room furniture is in the garage. We need help !
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    Default Re: Converting wood-burning stove to traditional fireplace; install new mantel

    I can make not comment about making the mantel fit because you did not post a picture of it.
    A couple of questions 1)Did you have the chimney inspected? 2) Is there a flue dampener in the chimney? 3) Metal flue liners usually come in sections, are you sure the metal flue liner is one piece? 4) Does the chimney have a clay liner or is it an old brick only chimney? 5)Have you considered that it may be safer and more cost effective to replace the entire chimney and fire place? 6)Was the mantel you bought made for this sizes fireplace or just a bargain, antique, or one you just liked ? 7)How old is this fireplace? 8)Are you DIYers?
    More specifics are need to give you much in the way of advice.
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    Default Re: Converting wood-burning stove to traditional fireplace; install new mantel

    If I could make a suggestion, you could use Cut River Rock and they do have granite stone to reface both the fireplace and if you want some of your wall too. Check out their website http://www.cutriverock.com

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