An engineered wood floor that snaps together and is designed to float has been installed over tar paper (without a pad) and has been stapled down. The edges are tight and have no expansion gaps. It is 400 sq ft. We are getting a sticky, crackly sound in several areas when walking on it. That is, if you put your foot down on the floor and put your body's weight on it, when you lift your foot, it will sound like the floor is sticky and your foot is sticking to it. It actually appears to be the floor getting pushed down when you step on it and when you unweight your foot, the floor returns to its natural higher positon and you hear some combination of the tarpaper (and maybe staples?) making a sticky/crunchy sound. My questions are the following? How big of a deal is it that this floor is installed using staples and no expansion gaps? Would you expect the crunchy cracking sounds to get worse or gradually go away? Should I be concerned with problems such as buckling in the future?
Any opinions or insights will be gratly appreciated. josephmullins41@yahoo.comJ