We recently had our finished basement flooded with water from what I am assuming was run off but not sure. We have had this problem since the house was built 4 years ago but my builder came back before it was finished and cut a hole in the floor and put a sump pit in. Not knowing any better I assumed it was safe to finish the basement and proceeded to do so. As soon as we finised it we had a problem again but caught it in time to save everything except some of the carpet pad. I made several attempts to contact my builder to no avail so I took his sump pit out which tio my suprise was only 12 inches deep and proceeded to dig it out further. I was sure this would fix my problems as I am about 24 or 28 inches deep but we had a snow storm followed by 2inches of rain and sure enough everthing was flooded again. This time we had to tear all carpeting and pad out as it was in to bad of shape. After exposing the floor I noticed all the cracks in my floor are wet. I am in the process of redoing my landscaping but don't even know if that is my problem as we have a drainage right by our house which creates the water level to quite high sometimes. I don't have the money to hire a contractor to fix my mess and am not sure what else I can do myself except landscaping. I don't want to have to tear out all my sheetrock and walls to install a system such as Squidgee and am not even sure that would help. Any suggestions at this point would be welcomed as I need to get the use of our basement back as it doubles the size of our house. Please help me figure this out. Thanks in advance.