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    Default Miraflex Insulation

    We live in a modified cape home. On the second floor we have two bedrooms and a unfinished room that funtions as an attic.
    There is insulation in the ceiling of the attic, but when we moved in there was no insulation in the walls. We stapled in Miraflex insulation, which comes encased in a sort of plastic.
    We did not use a vapor barrier under the Miraflex.
    Now we would like to put up wallboard to cover the insulation. Do we have to take the Miraflex out and install a vapor barrier or can we just install the wallboard?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Miraflex Insulation

    It's unclear where you're located.
    If you reside in an area with cold winter conditions then the vapor barrier will be placed on the warm side ( room side ) under the drywall before the insulation.

    If you reside in the warm climates .... it's common practise to have the vapor barrier applied to outside portion of the wall ( warm side ) .

    The Miraflex you are mentioning is the stuff that is encased in a plastic sheeth for ease of handling , reducing the itch factor.

    This plastic sheething is not a vapor barrier since it has tiny slits as well the material has a high perm value ... this means moisture will penetrate.
    You should consider an appropriate vapor barrier be installed in the proper location for your area.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Miraflex Insulation

    Yes, Thank you

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