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    Default Rotted wall sheathing

    We opened up an outside wall in our family room because of suspicious looking drywall. After removing the insulation, we found that the sheathing behind the wall frame is all wet and moldy smelling. The area that is wet is 6' x 6'. We think it is leaking because the roof needs replacing. The outside has brick. Would we be able to replace the sheathing on the inside, removing the studs and replacing the bottom plate and bracing (both of which are showing signs of deterioration and mold)? Or is the only way to replace it to tear down the brick on the outside to get to it? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rotted wall sheathing

    Before you waste money replacing anything, you need to get rid of the water problem. Otherwise you are just going to end up with it raining on your new construction.

    You probably should replace all the rotted wood, but don't grab the sledgehammer just yet. If this wall is holding up your roof or second floor, you could be doing major structural damage.

    Call several contractors and get their advice and estimates. They should be able to tell you how to hold up the wall while replacing the rotten wood.

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